Coffee Shop Tygodnik Podhalański, Zakopane, Ul Tadeusza Kosciuszki 3

Rankings Of Cafe Tygodnik Podhalański

tygodnik podhalanski

Tygodnik Podhalanski

Read more about tygodnik podhalanski here. Cafe Tygodnik Podhalański is located on top floor of an old-school Zakopane chain store „ Granit”. Tiny, comfy, glassed-in rooms with couches as well as armchairs provide personal tygodnik podhalanski privacy while enabling outside sights. Menu is long on fancy regional and also global beverages and also short on small plates.

Cafe Tygodnik Podhalanski

tygodnik podhalanski

Tygodnik Podhalański Zakopiańskie Towarzystwo Gospodarcze Sp Z O.o.

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Great location to kick back as well as avoid the crowds of tourists below. Read more about podhalanski here. Tygodnik Podhalanski is a newspaper in Zakopane, Poland covering neighborhood news, sports, business as well as community events.

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