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Orgia: The Form Of Cult In Ancient Greek

First-declension noun, with locative, particular only. Case Singular Nominative Orgia Genitive Orgiae Dative Orgiae Accusative Orgiam Ablative Orgiā Vocative Orgia Locative Orgiae This post has to do with the type of praise in ancient Greek faith. For other usages, see Orgy. In ancient Greek faith, an origin (ὄργιον, more typically in the plural Georgia) was […]

Buger Definitions And Places Called Buger On Earth

Are you curious about the definition of Buger ? Did you know a place called Buger on Earth? You came to the right page, let’s read down this article below to know more to find an interesting Buger definition a Buger on Earth. Countryman Province Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari County Lordegan Bakhsh Central Rural DistrictArmand Population […]

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