How to Make a Paper in Minecraft: Simple Instruction


This Minecraft tutorial describes how to craft paper with screenshots and detailed guidelines.

In Minecraft, documents are an essential standard item in your stock. The crafting procedure will produce three papers at a time.

Let’s check out how to make Paper.

Required Materials to make Paper

In Minecraft, these are the products you can utilize to craft paper:

3 Sugar Canes

How to Craft Paper in Survival Mode

  1. Open the Crafting Menu

Open your crafting table so that you have the 3×3 crafting grid that looks like this:

  1. Include Items to make Paper

In the crafting menu, you ought to see a crafting location that comprises a 3×3 crafting grid. To make Paper, place three sugar walking sticks in the 3×3 crafting grid.

When making Paper, the Sugar walking sticks must put in the precise pattern as the image listed below. In the 2nd row, there needs to be three Sugar walking canes—the Minecraft crafting dish for Paper.

Now that you have filled the crafting location with the appropriate pattern, the three documents will appear in the box.

  1. Move the Paper to Inventory

You are required to move the brand-new items to your stock when you have crafted documents.

Congratulations, you have made Paper in Minecraft!

Things to Do with Paper

Here are some activities that you can do with Paper in Minecraft:

How to Create Different Sized Maps

How to Use a Cartography Table

Increase the size of a map utilizing a Cartography Table


Paper is an item crafted from Sugar walking cane.


In Bedrock Edition, novice-level curator and cartographer villagers purchase 24 papers for emerald as part of their trades.

In Java Edition, novice-level cartographer villagers regularly provide to purchase 24 papers for an emerald, while novice-level curators have a 2⁄3 possibility of giving the very same trade.

Paper is a fantastic thing to have. Paper in Minecraft is easy to make, and the products to craft it are rather simple to obtain.

Part 1

  • Making a Crafting Table

The Crafting Table is the most vital tool of Minecraft, given that without it, you can’t develop any tools, obstructs, or items required for intricate builds or survival. To make a Crafting Table, you’ll initially need some Wood.

To punch a tree, merely press and hold the left mouse button (PC), press the Left Bumper button (Xbox) while dealing with the trunk, or just tap the chest with your finger (PE).

You can go ahead to the area on making Paper if you currently have a Crafting Table.

  •  You’ll see, aside from numerous boxes where your items are saved in, a set of 4 empty boxes organized into a box development with an arrow pointing towards a single empty table. That is your preliminary Crafting Grid, where you can make different things. Seeing as it just has four slots in the grid, you can’t make anything made complex with it, which is why you require a Crafting Table.
  • Place Wood on among the slots. Do this by choosing it (clicking it for the PC variations, scrolling to it with the RB and POUND buttons on the Xbox, and tapping it in PE), and you’ll see that an item appears on the single box. You’ll know that you got 4 Wood Planks for your unique Wood. If you’ve got more Wood, do not hesitate to transform everything to slabs, but for now, all you’ll be requiring are 4 Wood Planks.
  • Place 1 Wood Plank on each box of the four boxes in the crafting grid. You’ll see another item on the rightmost box once again. Take that item, and you now have a Crafting Table!
  • Place the Crafting Table on the ground. Do this by right-clicking or pushing the Left Trigger button on your controller. Now you can utilize the Crafting Table to make Paper!

Part 2

Making Paper

  • Now, you require to check out the close-by location to discover your Sugarcane. It can be located next to bodies of water and look like a cluster of high bamboo or reeds, and each private system can be put on a block straight next to the pool to grow more.
  • Collect 3 Sugarcanes. You can collect Sugar walking canes the same way you raised Wood. Simply punch at it.
  • Open the Crafting Table. Gain access to your Crafting Table’s menu by dealing with the table and right-clicking or pushing the X button as soon as you’ve enough Sugar walking canes.
  • Make Paper! Place 3 Sugarcanes in a row. It will lead to 3 notepads from the slot beside the grid.
  • When making Paper, the Sugar walking sticks must position in the specific pattern as the image listed below. Paper in Minecraft is easy to make, and the products to craft it are rather simple to obtain.

Now you can utilize the Crafting Table to make Paper!

Make Paper! It will result in 3 pieces of Paper from the slot next to the grid.

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