4 Restaurants with Unique Interior to Satisfy Your Soul

There are many factors that make a restaurant becomes a comfortable place to visit. One of the factors is the interior used in the restaurant. Nowadays, many people prefer to have a meal in a restaurant which has a certain atmosphere.

People even consider every detail of the restaurant interior such as the lighting, furniture, colours, and even the scent of the restaurant before they spent their bucks. Besides, as an Instagrammable spot, the interior also greatly influences the mood of visitors.

No wonder if nowadays many new restaurants are built with unique and rare interior design. These 4 restaurants below may be one of your favourite restaurants to spend your leisure time. Scroll down and make sure you do not miss any information!

1. The Fat Radish

Located in Savannah, Georgia, The fat radish offers you a vintage atmosphere in every corner of the restaurant. The yellow seat adds to the positive energy in the room. The concept used by the restaurant is simple but still elegant with a lot of glass arranged in a closet that signifies a modern style.

Image from surfacemag.com

But the decoration of the wooden lamps makes the vintage atmosphere remains. In some parts of this restaurant, you will also find plants that make the restaurant looks more elegant. With a vintage and modern atmosphere, you can happily enjoy the food and drinks that are served.

2. White Dog Cafe

This restaurant is perfect for animal lovers out there. There is a lot of pictures and photos of dogs on the walls, making this restaurant looks more friendly to kids and adult visitors.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, White Dog Cafe has many collections of books in the cabinet that is designed to catch the visitor’s eyes. The chair with blue colour makes the colour blends with the white bar and wall.

Image from ruemag.com

The bathroom in this restaurant is also very unique because they use pictures of dogs to make the bathroom looks cute. A white alloy on the wall and lots of dog pictures and round mirrors in the bathroom make the bathroom looks comfortable. What’s more, this restaurant also gives a touch of trees in the bathroom, making it more colourful.

3. Le Clarence

Once you push Le Clarence’s door, you will be warmly welcomed by brown-coloured furniture. Located in the romantic city Paris, France, this restaurant is suitable for you who want to have an amazing dining experience in a simple but elegant restaurant.

Image from decanter.com

With the existence of a large chandelier in the middle of the room and decorative flowers, it successfully makes visitors feel comfortable spending some more time in this restaurant after finishing their plate.

4. Osteria Antica Adelaide

Osteria Antica Adelaide which is located in Venice, Italy is the perfect restaurant to go for you who wants to have a romantic dinner. Yellow light with decoration on the wall makes the atmosphere feels warmer.

Image by Maddalena G. from Google Maps

The sofa in the dining room is the favourite corner for the visitors. It is such a comfortable spot for lunch or dinner. The existence of a small pillow on the sofa even completes the beauty of the restaurant.

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