5 Common Types of Restaurant to Note for an Unforgettable Dine-In Experience


Knowing common types of restaurant might give you some benefits before you are dining in a certain restaurant. It can help you decide what kind of dress you should wear or whom you should invite to. Besides, it also becomes an important basic knowledge for you who want to sink yourself in the restaurant business.

It can give a significant impact on whether to promote your signature menu or impose it. Planning to have a special dine in the near future? So, here are 5 common types of restaurant which you may need to have an unforgettable one!

1. Family Friendly Restaurant

The family-friendly restaurant often offers a quite big portion of a dish so you can share it with your whole family. Most of the family restaurant has laid back atmosphere and has a big table so it is possible to bring 10-15 family member in one time.

The dish served by the restaurant is always affordable. You can try any menus without worrying to waste it because you have come alone. Table service is always available in a family restaurant, so you do not need to worry if you need anything.

2. Casual Dining

There are not much different between casual dining and family restaurant such as in the atmosphere, the portion, and the price. This restaurant concept is really easy to find in a big city in which most of the citizen prefer spending their money on dine-in in the restaurant rather than cooking their food.

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Usually, a casual dining restaurant offers a wide range of wines and beers because people may spend more time after dinner in the restaurant to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Fast Food Restaurant

Speed and convenience are the two things which make this type of restaurant is famous among people in a hustle-bustle city. They mainly serve pre-heated or pre-cooked food to minimize cooking time. This kind of restaurant is usually available in taking away and drive-thru service.

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The chair and table are very simple in design. It is made rather uncomfortable so the customer will not spend more time on the restaurant. The most intimidating way to make the customer feel uncomfortable in this kind of restaurant is they play loud music and the lighting is amazingly bright.

4. Fast Casual

This type of restaurant is a combination of casual dining and fast food. In the last decade, this type of restaurant is a new trend. The meal is affordable and it usually has an open-kitchen concept so their customer can enjoy the moment their meal was made. The atmosphere is more relaxed than in a fast-food restaurant and the menu is simple and most suitable with common taste.

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5. Fine Dining

Fine dining offers you more than a dining experience. The service from the restaurant staff is on another level such as escorting you to your table, holding the chair for women, replacing linen napkins, and many more.

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The waitress is well-trained and they know about everything you need in the restaurant so do not doubt to ask them. Usually, they have a special concept of decor which makes them stand out among the other restaurant.

The lighting of the restaurant is subtle and mostly deal with a romantic atmosphere. For your information, most of the fine dining restaurant has a dress code to wear, so you need to make sure not to miss this detail.

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