5 Most Unique Restaurant in Remote Places, Totally Must-Visit


For the travel and food addict, there are no boundaries to get some pleasure even though they have to put an extra effort into that. For your information, there are some restaurants that open their business in a remote area that is hard to reach even by bus or train. You may have to hop on a plane to get there.

Once you set your step in the restaurant, you will never regret anything. Because you have come so far not only for the dish but also for the adventure and the view that you will get after all of the efforts you put to come there.

You may have a question in your mind, is it exist that kind of people who spend some bucks on their plane ticket just to take a sip of a dish? I will give you an answer. Yes, that kind of people exists in this universe. Wonder what kind of restaurant they dare to go to? So let us introduce you to those restaurants.

1. Mount Huashan Teahouse

The first hard-access restaurant is a teahouse located in the peak of Mount Huashan, Huayin, China. To reach this restaurant, you have to ride a breathtaking gondola and then you need to hike a dangerous track to reach the steep mountain.

Image from msn.com

But surely, the view from the restaurant is undeniable amazing. And the taste of the dessert and the tea is literally on another level. If you are into hiking you must add this restaurant on your bucket list.

2. The Three Chimneys Restaurant

It takes a six-hour drive from the nearby airport in Glasgow and then continues by riding a boat to cross the sea. And voila you have arrived in The Three Chimneys Restaurant! This restaurant is located in the Isle of Skye, Scotland where you can experience the true Northern paradise.

Image by The World Pursuit Travel Website from Pinterest

The untouched and pristine nature will probably make you do not want to take a boat to come back to the mainland. In this restaurant, there is a room upstairs so you can take some rest after having dinner. This restaurant already welcoming their customer for more than 30 years ago.

3. Tampu Restaurant

Situated at the top of Machu Picchu peak, Tampu restaurant is always more than worth to visit especially for hikers. This restaurant mainly serves a delightful ancient Peruvian cuisine which has an amazing authentic flavour.

4. Ithaa Restaurant

Ithaa restaurant is the first underwater restaurant in the world located in the Maldives. Reservation is strongly recommended because this restaurant is only available for 14 people at one time.

Image by The Telegraph from Pinterest

Ithaa restaurant is located five meters below the surface offering freshly caught seafood. You have to add this restaurant to your bucket list because you can not find it at any other places in the world.


Although located in a remote area, this restaurant has been successfully named on the Michelin Guide list. This restaurant is located in Leynavatn, the Faroe Islands which is surrounded by water.

Image by Red Horse Candlerings from Pinterest

The restaurant mainly serves freshly caught seafood which you cannot find it in another restaurant because it is only available on the island. The water view from the restaurant is also no joke!

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