6 Best Chinese Restaurants in Europe, Experience the Asian Vibe!


Chinese restaurant never loses its charm even though it is located side to side with another authentic restaurant in Europe. With the architecture of the building, strong taste cuisine, affordable price, and any other uniqueness, Chinese restaurant is always booming in every region.

As for most Asian travelers, adding Chinese restaurants to their bucket list of restaurant to visit is like the basic way to “survive”. It’s because Asian travelers will definitely need rice as the main course to call it a full meal.

In this chance, we will bring you the 6 best Chinese restaurants in Europe. You need to note some of them, do not miss any!

1. Michael Wan’s Mandarin

The first most famous Chinese restaurant in Europe is Michael Wan’s Mandarin. It is located in Blackpool, England. This restaurant is well-known for its elegant Cantonese cuisine which cannot be defined by words. You have to experience it with your own taste bud. Many visitors come from other parts of the world to this restaurant to get an unforgettable dining experience.

Image by Michael Wan’s Mandarin from Google Maps

2. Yi Chan

Image by Le Vif Weekend Weekend.be from Pinterest

Whether you come to this restaurant to get amazed by the interior design or for the food, you will always be welcomed nicely by the restaurant’s staffs. This restaurant is located in Brussels, Belgium.

It’s famous for its undebatable delightful dim sum. The aroma from the dim sum fills every corner of the dining room which makes you always make a time to come back to this restaurant.

3. Barshu

With a big portion for almost every dish, this restaurant will serve you right with their authentic traditional Chinese cuisine. This restaurant is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Image by Time Out London from Pinterest

The chef only uses selected traditional ingredients to make their dish never loses its charm. The good news is, take away from the leftover food is available at this restaurant because leaving a grain of the dish will be such a waste.

4. FuLu Mandarijn

The next restaurant is FuLu Mandarijn, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It has existed since 40 years ago. The restaurant is keeping its place for more than 40 years by only using the finest ingredients on their authentic dishes.

Image by FuLu Mandarijn from Pinterest

For the cocktails, FuLu Mandarijn imports the spices directly from Sichuan to give the best taste for the customer. Finding an untasteful dish from this restaurant is extremely hard because everything from the menu never disappoints your taste buds.

5. El Buda Feliz 1974

El Buda Feliz 1974 has successfully brought authentic Chinese street food to Spain. The delightful menu always welcomes you once you push the restaurant’s door. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very trendy and photogenic, so you may add this restaurant as one of the Instagrammable restaurants in Madrid, Spain.

Image by Diariodesign from Pinterest

6. Sweet Mandarin

Sweet Mandarin offers a modern Chinese menu on the table which comes along with their signature killer cocktails from the bar. This restaurant got the award by Gordon Ramsay as the Best Local Restaurant Award. No need to doubt the taste of the dishes right? If you are in Manchester, this restaurant should be on your bucket list!

Spicy barbecued satay skewers with diced seasoned meat garnished with fresh herbs and lime and served in a rustic dish over a dark background

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