6 Dos and Don’ts in a Buffet Restaurant to Take Note!

Attending a buffet restaurant may give you some thoughts that you might be overeat because there will be tons of delightful dish spread out in the table. It may be giving impact to your diet program since it will be less worthy if you only eat in a small amount.

Besides, there are also some etiquettes that you should do. You need to pay attention to respect other guests at the restaurant. But there are always some ways to overcome the problems. So, you have to leave your worry at home and following some tips below.

Do: Fill your tummy with small meals or some snack.
Don’t: Skip a meal to empty your tummy.

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Before coming to the buffet restaurant, you need to eat a light snack to make sure that you are not in an extremely hungry state. Based on the studies, when you skip meals you tend to overeat on your next meal so you will put yourself out of control.

Do: Savor every bite of your meal.
Don’t: Think that the buffet is like your last meal.

You have to enjoy every bite of the dish heartfully, so you will not only get your stomach full but also your soul. Do not empty your plate in a rush because no one is catching you up. You will have digestion problem if you eat in a hurry.

Do: Examine all of the dishes before you decide on your priority.
Don’t: Pile your plate with the first food that you see.

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Strolling around the table before you choose your dish is better than you put every dish that catches your sight. You may regret the first food that you take because there will be other “good things” at the end of the table but your plate is already full of food.

Do: Take some dish that you may able to eat at one time.
Don’t: Put anything on your plate.

You always have a chance to come back to the buffet table. So, it is better to finish every small amount of dish rather than having a portion of leftover food on your plate and start to get a new plate with other food.

Do: Place all serving utensils in the original dishes.
Don’t: Randomly put serving utensils.

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This point is very important. You need to put back the serving utensils in the original place to avoid contaminate items. It will become a big disaster if someone has allergic to the food item mixed up with nonallergic food.

Do: Eat all you want in the restaurant.
Don’t: Bring a food container for the leftovers.

You may eat everything you want from every corner of the table, as long as you do it at the restaurant. Do not think that you can savour it later and bring the leftovers, it may break the policy that has been set up by the restaurant.

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