Top 5 Restaurants in Miami that Should be Squeezed on Your Itinerary!

Do you ever make a visit to Miami for leisure traveling or have a plan to go there this summer? If you make a plan to visit Miami, you should know that you will not only get amazed by its breathtaking ocean view and unlimited pleasure in every inch of the city but also its aesthetic restaurant offering fresh seafood with a panoramic beach view.

We strongly recommended that you make a detail scheduled to visit its restaurant so your tummy does not miss any delightful cuisine which you can only find when in Miami. Besides, the atmosphere and view offered by the restaurant are on another level. So, do not miss any single restaurant below!

1. Fratelli La Bufala

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Located in Miami Beach, this restaurant is the right place to go if you are craving for authentic Neapolitan pizza. The pizzas have a light yet soft dough and make a great combination with delicious cheese along with the tomato sauce made from the sweetest San Marzano tomatoes. The homemade Lasagna is also worth to order, even it is not in its best performance to be posted on your Instagram feed. This restaurant is surely a gem and always worth to visit when you are in Miami. Make a reservation in advance is the best way to keep your seat.

2. Mas Cuba Cafe

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Mas Cuba Cafe may be the brunch cafe that you are looking for if you are not a morning person. It is located in South Beach and has a beautiful and unique decor. Floral couches, wooden barrels, cute bicycles, and quirky accents will be welcoming you warmly once you set your step into the cafe. You should have a bite of chicken empanadas and strawberry-banana smoothie. But, do not try to miss to order its coffee, it is their signature menu!

3. Cecconi’s

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It’s dinner o’clock! Do not need to doubt anymore, Cecconi’s is the right place to go when you are craving for Italian food for dinner. This restaurant is located in Miami Beach which unique decor that makes you feel like sitting outside but inside surrounded by beautiful trees wrapped in bright lights. The most recommended menu is its delightful pizza, but the other dishes like eggplant, octopus, and veal chops are such a scene-stealer which also worth ordering.

4. Dreamer Açai Juice Matcha Bar

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With the tropical atmosphere in every corner of the dining room, Dreamer Açai Juice Matcha Bar offers you an unforgettable dinner experience when in Miami. The walls are covered with tropical wallpaper and flamingoes and the dining room is full of tropical plants that successfully bring tropical atmosphere to the restaurant. Such a stunning decor and very aesthetic to be posted on your Instagram feed.

5. Quinto La Huella

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Quinto La Huella is the hottest place to go when in Miami. It has a rooftop bar that bustling with guests at the weekend. Located in the downtown of Miami, this Uruguayan restaurant has incredible outdoor space. The iconic menu that you cannot miss to order is its Pizzas, lobster spaghetti, and Volcan de dulce de leche. But, its cocktails should be on your top list to order!

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