Top 5 Unique Restaurants Around the World You Should Never Miss

Some people love to have a dining experience in an unusual atmosphere. The atmosphere of the restaurant is mainly come by its concept, location, service, and many more. It would be thrilling for you who have a phobia into something like height or darkness. But it can be a way for someone to get pleasure while having a meal in a unique restaurant concept.

We will show you that kind of unusual restaurant is exist in this universe. So you have to make sure to put that in notes for the restaurant which dares you to experience their uniqueness. Here is the list of the top unique restaurants in the world:

1. Circus

There is a restaurant in London called Circus which always brings surprise to their guest with a circus performance. The circus show is in a random schedule so you cannot predict. The circus may suddenly perform in the middle of your dining or in any other chance.

Image by Time Out London from Pinterest

It’s to keep it as a secret to surprise the guest with a sudden performance. You can expect to enjoy the common circus show like acrobatics, clowning, and juggling while savouring Pan Asian Cuisine.

2. Disaster Cafe

This concept of the cafe may be suitable for you who likes to experience something which can raise your adrenaline. The cafe is located in Spain and always ready to give you an unforgettable experience to have a meal in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Image by Stunning Places from Pinterest

There will be no warning when the earthquake is coming. But you do not need to worry because you will be safe as long as you stay in your seat. It’s a must-visit restaurant if you are the type who loves challenging experiences.

3. Robot Restaurant

Do you ever wonder how it feels when you come to a restaurant and a robot greet you warmly and escort you to your seat? You can experience it in Robot Restaurant which is located in Harbin, China. You can enjoy the show when the robot chef prepares your meal in the kitchen. The robot also has more than 10 basic facial expressions and say some welcoming lines to the guests. The robot can optimally work for five hours after two-hours charge.

4. O.Noir

O.Noir restaurant located in Montreal will offer you an unusual dining experience in a completely pitch-black room. You can make a reservation two-hours before dinner time to order your menu. But if you prefer to guest with your taste buds about what kind of menu they bring to you, you may choose “surprise me”.

Image by Hotel Le Roberval from Pinterest

All of the restaurant’s staff are blind. The owner of the restaurant expects that you can experience a new perspective about how blind people live with visual impairment through this unique dinner concept.

5. Signs

Similar to O.Noir restaurant, this fifth unique restaurant will offer you a unique dining experience by interacting with its hearing-impaired staff. Signs is located in Toronto. It will give you experience and also knowledge on how to communicate with people with hearing-impaired.

All of the staff of the restaurant are deaf. So sign language is the only one language accepted here. But if you don’t have skill in sign language, there will be a cheat sheet and helpful graphics on the menu to help you communicate with them while ordering the menu.

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